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Create Prestigious Long Service Award Pack

413 Stores, 5 x Processing Centres & Head Office across 4 European countries

The brief

To create a prestigious personalised Long Service Certificate pack which reflects various length of service celebrations. Manage the process to ensure that certificates are received in a timely manner by the line managers so that the presentations can be carried out on each anniversary

The challenge

  • Create a prestigious pack within a fixed budget across varying quantities each month with peak periods trebling the quantities to be produced.

  • Each pack is to include all of the items for each individual with different elements for each of the different years.

  • All elements to be personalised and then matched across several processes.

  • High value gift cards to be ordered, recorded and securely stored until required.

  • To keep distribution costs to a minimum by combining certificate packs per location.

Our solution

  • Create a pack consisting of personalised certificate, digitally printed and foil blocked in red foil (5 year), silver foil (10 year) and gold foil (15 & 20 Year) in picture frame. Designed a foil laminated base and lid presentation box in matching foil and sourced matching colour envelopes for personalised letter and gift card.

  • Develop and document the process and identify key elements to ensure personalised items produced separately can be easily matched

    • Create master certificate register from spreadsheets supplied so that only one information source is used for all elements

    • Included unique identification code within the frame area on each certificate

    • Digitally print personalised letters and ensure that certificates and letters are kept in same order to ensure accurate matching.

    • Order gift cards and on receipt create log and allocate to recipient.

    • Despatch to all locations using most economical signed for service which differs by region and follow up all deliveries to ensure they have been delivered.

  • Supply the client with a full report at the end of each period

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