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Individually tailored, high impact press pack


“Animal Planet has worked closely with Xcaliba for the last 4 years. During this time, Xcaliba has consistently delivered high quality creative results, from design to print, to sourcing creative materials and delivery. We rely on the team at Xcaliba to turn work around quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. Even when our requests are last minute and time sensitive the team are quick to respond. They are professional and friendly and have never let us down. I can’t recommend Xcaliba highly enough.”
Delyth Hughes, Marketing Manager Animal Planet Europe

1 TV show – 50 journalists – 50 chic dogs

The brief

To source, brand and supply a bespoke press pack targeted at journalists who are also dog owners to promote the TV show ‘Groomer Has It’ in which 12 professional dog groomers battle it out to be crowned ‘groomer of the year’.

The challenge

  • The press pack must reflect the style and ‘camp but classy’ look of the show.

  • Each journalist owns a specific dog breed, male or female, and all garments must match the breed and sex of the dog.

  • All items to be branded with either the Animal Planet or Groomer Has It logo.

  • All materials to adhere to Animal Planet corporate guidelines.

  • The primary objective of the press pack is to appeal to the journalists as dog owners and motivate them to watch the accompanying showreel supplied and write about Groomer Has It in their various media.

Our solution

  • Extensive research into the world of ‘doggy grooming’ products from dog cologne to dog sunglasses (doggles!).

  • The winning pack sent out to journalists and TV critics was a pink vanity box branded with the Animal Planet logo, each containing branded dog brushes, bows, ‘bling’ dog collars and branded pooch t-shirts and hoodies.

  • As each recipient owned a different breed and gender we made sure that the clothing was specific to each dog, for example if they owned a female Springer Spaniel then they received the correct size clothing in pink (or blue for a male dog).

  • The vanity packs were delivered by courier to fifty journalists and Animal Planet reported that media coverage did indeed increase and more people followed the show.

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