David Flynn

With a background in finance and business management, my role at Xcaliba is to take care of the day-to-day running of the company as well as being “production controller”, ensuring that every project we deliver is produced to the highest possible standards. I firmly believe it is the processes, quality control procedures and attention to detail that we maintain as a matter of course that set us apart from our competitors.

My first contact with the print industry came 30 years ago as the finance director of a print-finishing company. Our customers were printers and I soon realised that the standard of service they offered their clients was often very poor.

Part of my role today is to manage our print supplier relationships, treating everyone as an extension of the Xcaliba team and ensuring they are fully aware of our working practices and expectations.  We only work with people who are willing to meet our exacting standards and a clear testimony to that was when one printing company director said to me “I like working with you because I know that if we meet your expectations then we can work with anyone”.

At Xcaliba we consider the potential pitfalls and production issues throughout any print job and use our technical expertise to anticipate and resolve all possible problems. There are, of course, still technical challenges that surprise me but that is just all part of the excitement of working in print.

A qualified skipper and yacht-owner, I am at my happiest when time allows me to work on my boat or take her out on the open sea with family and friends.