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August 22, 2012

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For the past eight years, Xcaliba has sponsored a little girl in Bolivia through World Vision®.  We receive annual updates on Claudia’s welfare and development as well as information of the World Vision work carried out in her community.

Claudia Inocente Gabriel was born in March 2000  and lives in the Mosoj D’Unchay area of Alonso de Ibañez province, Bolivia.  Life in Mosoj D”Unchay can be pretty tough, the area is mountainous and rocky with less than half of the land being suitable for growing crops.  Poor health and quality of life affect the community severely.  Families struggle to produce enough food and infant malnutrition is commonplace.  Migration is another issue, as around one in five of the population move temporarily to the cities in search of work.  Inadequate school facilities affect the quality of children’s education and the illiteracy rate is high.  In these difficult circumstances, there are higher rates of domestic violence. 

World Vision have three specific projects running in Claudia’s Community; Nutrition Project – prioritising the training of mothers and nursemaids on adequate care of small children, Food Security Project – improving production of staples such as potato and “tarwi” through education and Sponsorship Project – training children on leadership values & politics of prevention to provide key roles in their homes and communities.


Thanks to World Vision, Claudia is growing up to be a healthy twelve year old girl and is receiving a solid education.  She is in her sixth year of primary school and she tells us that her favourite subject is mathematics.  She really enjoys playing soccer in her free time and when she’s at home she helps her mother care for their animals.

Claudia’s father is a self-employed farm labourer so work is very dependent on the success of the harvest, which makes the World Vision support even more important for Claudia’s future.  If you’re interested in reading more about their great work or even sponsor a child yourself, please go to the World Vision website.

We’ll keep the blog updated when we get any more information on Claudia, we really look forward to receiving news about her and we were very pleased with the drawing she sent us.



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