Let there be light…using LED’s to illuminate your p.o.s

May 15, 2012

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An example of wired LED’s adding life to POSBelieve it or not, one of the surprising results of the London Olympics is that it is going to be a veritable ‘sign-fest’ at all of the venues, termini and hotels across London. Each tour operator competing for the attention of their guests and passengers with elaborate signage – flashing lights, spinning mobiles and the like.

It was while working on a project for one tour operator that Xcaliba was asked to look into the plausability of installing flashing lights into their signage that we thought we’d share some of our findings with you. 





LED bulbs are available in two forms, either wire-free where each bulb is supplied with its own power source and PCB or as wired sets where the PCB (printed circuit board) can be preprogrammed for any combination of flashing sequence e.g. sequential, random or fading.  Bulbs for wire-free and wired sets are supplied in a range of colours including white, blue, green, yellow, pink, magenta, red & orange.

Wire-free LED bulbs

Available in 3 longevity options – 6-8 week, 3-4 months or 5-6 month continuous flash guarantees; with 3 bulb sizes – 3mm, 5mm and 10mm.  Each bulb comes fully assembled and ready to fit with a small self-adhesive tab.  If your POS or promotional item is pre-drilled then assembly can be as little as 10 seconds per bulb.

 Wired LED’s

As the image below demonstrates, wired sets give you a lot more flexibility with regard to bulb sequencing.  The PCB is programmed to order and the loomed sets supplied with ready to fit adhesive pads.

Beats a game of gin rummy!


And of course LED’s don’t have to be just used for POS,  they can be used for just about any printed item – magazine cover mounts, direct mail, game cards for example.  Contact a member of the Xcaliba Team if you’d like more information, costs or samples.

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