Dedicated followers of fashion

May 19, 2011

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Dedicated followers of fashion

The Dora Sprinzel Story

At Xcaliba we get involved in a huge range of types of work and print processes (see print processes for some examples) but we recently worked on one project that has a very interesting story behind it.

Back in March we were approached by a company called Uniquity, owned and run by Gad Simon.  Now I’m sure Gad won’t mind if I use the words ‘elder statesman of print’ to describe him, as he ran several large and successful print finishing companies in the 70’s and 80’s.  Now retired, Gad asked Xcaliba to look at producing a range of notelets using fashion sketches that were in his family’s possession.

The sketches, of which there are over 130, were created by a woman called Dora Sprinzel who came to the UK from Berlin in the 1930’s with her husband.  Paul Sprinzel had been a director in the film industry and had introduced Dora into the glamorous world of movies, actors and actresses.

Once in the UK, as refugees, Paul and Dora created a studio in Paris to cover all of the fashion shows and to allow Dora to create & design her dream range of high couture garments.  Working together they sold and leased over 300 of Dora’s fashion sketches to many clothes manufacturers and design labels around the world.

Dora Sprinzel was the mother of Gad’s late wife Norma, and after Norma’s untimely death Gad decided he wanted to do something with the beautiful sketches.  He has now launched a range of notelets, calendars and framed images, all showcasing Dora’s sketches; and it was for the production of the notelets that Gad came to Xcaliba.

The initial run covered just six of the 100+ sketches and were printed digitally on an Indigo 5000 in four process colours onto Premier Textured Cream.  The original sketches were produced on tracing paper using predominantly pencil and charcoal and so needed the brightness and strength of the Indigo contrasting on the cream stock.  At Xcaliba we print hundreds of jobs digitally, both on Indigo and i-Gen presses but we think that these notelets are a perfect example of how the right technology and process can produce the perfect job.

Gad has already had interest from The South Bank and The National Trust and the packs of notelets are being sold at Blenheim Palace but you can buy Dora Sprinzel items direct from the Dora Sprinzel website.

When asked why he’s still working Gad said “All of this brings me closer to Norma, it’s a simple as that”.

Gad has our thanks for allowing us to work on this project as well as our very best wishes.

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